The Graduate Undergraduate Mentorship Program (GUM) at UCLA began as a student-led, student-run pilot program launched in spring 2014.  GUM was initially supported by the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) and funded by and maintained through a continued relationship with the Bruin Excellence and the Student Transformation Grant Program (BEST) at UCLA. 

During fall 2017, GUM was institutionalized under Graduate Division. Although it remains a student-led program, it became a unique partnership between students, Graduate Division, and Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC). GUM is now housed within the Diversity, Inclusion, and Admissions office. This has allowed the program to hire both institutional and student staff to facilitate the program’s many aspects. 

GUM continues to uphold its motto of “sticking students together for success” by offering a six-week long workshop series for undergraduate students who wish to learn more about graduate school in one of the following fields: education, humanities, neuroscience, psychology, public health, public policy, sociology, social welfare, and urban planning. (GUM aims to expand to all fields on campus.) Additionally, it matches the undergraduate students in the program with current graduate students in their field of interest.

GUM’s future goals include expanding to all fields represented on UCLA campus and providing specific leadership training opportunities to the graduate student mentors (“grad gummies”) in the program.

GUM’s vision is to develop a unified campus by creating a bridge between graduate/professional school and undergraduate students through mentorship opportunities. Although all UCLA undergraduate students are welcome to apply to GUM, our specific goal is to impact marginalized students (e.g. first generation, undocumented, queer, underrepresented ethnic communities, etc.), who plan to apply to graduate programs in education, humanities, neuroscience, psychology, public health, public policy, sociology, social welfare, and urban planning.

Students with Certificates

Meet Our Sponsors

UCLA Graduate Division


GUM Co-Founders

Jessica Morales-Chicas, Alumna, Education
Feliz Quinones, Graduate Student, Education
Janet Rocha, Alumna, Education
Maria de la Luz Patino, Alumna, Urban Planning
Amanda Morrall, Alumna, Public Policy
Jessica Guzman, Alumna
Katherine Aguilar, Alumna
Andrea Boutros, Alumna

Current GUM Advisory Board

Soo Bin Kwon, Grad Rep, Bioinformatics
Ritika Rastogi, Grad Rep, Psychology
Elena Hernandez, Grad Rep, Public Health & Urban Planning
Max Plithides, Grad Rep, Political Science
Ramon Flores, Grad Rep, Education
Nikoo Dalili, Undergrad Rep, Neuroscience
Kaory Hernandez Garcia, Undergrad Rep, Political Science
Karen Ung, Undergrad Rep, Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology
Shiqing Liao, Undergrad Rep, Biology
Tram Nguyen, Undergrad Rep, English
Aliya Lakhani, GUM Ambassador, Chemical Engineering
Cymone Mack, GUM Ambassador, Education
Lena (Siyue) Wang, GUM Ambassador, Education